Mamotte! Lollipop (まもって! ロリポップ)

heh, there’s an anime for this too, but i only watched the first episode. 

manga is wayy better

Nina Yamada is a junior high 7th grader who dreams about a boy who is strong, handsome, and kind enough to protect her. One day, Nina “accidentally” swallowed a Crystal Pearl that she assumed was candy. But the Crystal Pearl was the goal of a sorcery examination. Nina is the new Crystal Pearl which is targeted by many probationer sorcerers and goes on for half a year. During this whole mix up, she meets two magician boys named Zero and Ichi and comes to a conclusion that they can protect her until a potion is made to remove the Crystal Pearl from her. However, this potion will take about 6 months to complete. Even at school and at home, Zero and Ichii protect Nina where ever she goes. This is a romantic comedy shōjo manga warmed up by Zero & Ichii, the boys who protect Nina and their other rivals: examinees for the Magical Exam, such as San, Forte, Gô and Rokka. This series also has a second series called Madotte! Mamotte! Lollipop! where Nina, Zero and Ichi are in year 9 and taking the advanced Magical Exam.

SPOILER: Nina ends up with Zero


Story and Art by: Michiyo Kikuta


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