Kitchen Princess (キッチンのお姫さま)

haha awesome manga. The food looks soo yummy!


The story follows Najika Kazami, an orphan and an excellent chef from Hokkaidō, and her arrival at Seika Academy, an escalator school. Not only does she plan to become a great chef like her deceased parents, but she also sets out to find her “Flan Prince”, a boy that saved her from falling into a river and gave her a cup of flan with a silver spoon with the school’s emblem on it. She promised him she would make the most delicious dessert in the world. However, as soon as she is placed into Class A, the special class, she has to deal with the constant insults of Akane Kishida and her group. Things become better, however, when she befriends Sora and Daichi Kitazawa, the school’s most popular brothers, and possible candidates for the status of her “Flan Prince”.

Spoiler: Daichi is the Flan prince though she falls in love with Sora at the beginning, because he fakes being the Prince. Sora’s plan was to use her and then throw her away, but then he really starts loving her. Then, Sora dies due to an accident, and Najika realizes her feeling for Daichi, and she confesses. Daichi rejects saying that his brother Sora loved Najika like no other.


Story and art by: Miyuki Kobayashi and Natsumi Ando

haha, she looks a bit like me but i don’t wear tiny skirts. Akane likes Daichi and hates najika because she is so close to him. But later, she becomes her friend. She is really skinny and wants to become a supermodel


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