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Cardcaptor Sakura : The Movie – The Sealed Card

Posted in Anime Movies on August 13, 2009 by Yukari

Well you already know who it was created by….  so i won’t write that again. The summary is short due to the basic plot. This is the SECOND CCS movie and NOT the first (I never bothered watching the first)


All of the Clow Cards have been captured, and Sakura Kinomoto, the new Master of the Cards, is preparing to play the lead in the play for the town festival. However, a new evil force is causing mysterious events all over Tomoeda, including the disappearance of Sakura’s cards. With more to worry about, with the reappearance of Syaoran Li, Sakura has to think about giving him her answer to his confession before he left for Hong Kong.  With Syaoran’s help, Sakura must figure out the cause of these events, and save her town.

My favorite part was……. SHAORAN AND SAKURA!!!!!! *Squeals*

and of course my favorite little Meilin-chan!!! and tomoyo’s evilness.

Run Time: 79 minutes

Oh and the fact that Yue is there MORE that the snow rabbit (sorry Yukito fans… but he’s not one of my liked characters)



Tomoyo’s evil laugh

cool looking Toya!

Sakura and Shaoran re-unite


Howl’s Moving Castle

Posted in Anime Movies on July 7, 2009 by Yukari

Finally, A Hayao Miyazaki film (I’m a big fan). I think there is a book for this one too.

Director: Hayao Miyazaki

Producer: Toshio Suzuki 

Written by: Dianne Wayne Jones (novel) & Hayao Miyazaki (screenplay)

Running time: 119 minutes

Eighteen-year-old Sophie, who runs her late father’s hat shop, encounters the mysterious wizard Howl by chance. He takes a liking to her. This attracts the attention of the Witch of the Waste, who has been seeking Howl’s heart for herself. She curses Sophie, turning her into an old woman. Unable to tell anyone about the curse, Sophie decides to run away. Along the way, she befriends an animated scarecrow she names Turnip Head and they come across Howl’s castle. Once inside, Sophie meets the fire demon Calcifer who powers the castle and recognizes that Sophie has been cursed. Calcifer offers to break the curse in exchange for Sophie’s help in breaking the pact between him and Howl. When Howl appears, Sophie announces that she is the castle’s new cleaning lady. As she adjusts to life in the castle, she discovers that the front door is a magic portal leading to several places. She also learns that Howl is vain and immature, and that the Witch of the Waste’s vengeance is due to Howl’s past behavior towards her.

Howl receives summons from the King, who orders his various assumed identities to fight in the war started by the disappearance of Crown Prince Justin. Howl refuses to fight and suspects that it is also a trap set by his mentor, the King’s Head Sorceress, Madame Suliman. Howl sends Sophie as his mother to decline. At the palace, Sophie runs into the Witch of the Waste and tells Sophie that she can only cast spells and not reverse them. As Madame Suliman is against the forming of pacts between sorcerers/sorceresses and demons, she punishes the Witch by draining all of the latter’s power. Losing her (more) youthful facade, the Witch returns to her true age, and becomes a seemingly senile old woman. Suliman tells Sophie that Howl will meet the same fate if he does not contribute to the war. As she is telling Madame Suliman that Howl is not really cowardly, but rather honest and kind, Sophie briefly reverts to her youthful self. She turns back into an old woman when Madame Suliman responds. Howl then arrives to rescue Sophie, with the Witch and Suliman’s asthmatic lapdog Heen tagging along. He gives Sophie a magical ring that would guide her to Calcifer. Suliman, knowing Sophie’s true identity, begins tracking her to get to Howl.

Sophie learns through Calcifer and dreams that Howl transforms into a bird- or demon-like creature to escape pursuers and interfere in the war, but each transformation leaves it more difficult for him to return to human form. Sophie’s love and care for Howl and the others at the castle have gradually pushed her closer to her true age, and she now looks younger and is no longer hunched. Howl shows his appreciation for her by transforming the castle so that it becomes neater, more pleasant, and can lead to Sophie’s old room.

Sophie’s still young and beautiful mother, Honey, visits one day, feigning affection and cheer. She is actually under Suliman’s threats, and the former Witch of the Waste discovers the spying “bug” Honey leaves behind. Before the bug is destroyed, it alerts Suliman to their location, and she sends troops to capture Howl. Howl transforms and draws the guards away, while Sophie and Calcifer bring the castle to the Wastes though Calcifer’s power is rapidly fading due to ingesting the spying “bug”. The Witch of the Waste sees Howl’s heart in Calcifer’s diminishing flames, and grabs it. To save her from burning, Sophie douses her with water. Calcifer is reduced to a small, blue flame, and is no longer able to properly control the castle. The castle breaks apart, and Sophie and Heen are thrown over a cliff.

Sophie recovers in tears, believing that she has killed both Calcifer and Howl, as their lives are interconnected. As she is sobbing, Howl’s ring points to the remains of Howl’s castle door; she walks through it. She finds herself in Howl’s favorite childhood spot, and soon discovers that she is in Howl’s past. She sees Calcifer being caught by Howl as a falling star. To save Calcifer’s life, Howl gives his heart to him and thus loses the ability to love. Before being returned to the present, Sophie shouts for attention, and asks him to look for her in the future.

Back in the present, Sophie finds Howl and realizes that he has been waiting for her all along. He carries her to the others and then collapses. She takes Howl’s heart from the Witch and puts it back in his chest, breaking the bond between Howl and Calcifer. Calcifer returns to his original form and flies away. The remains of the castle, no longer powered, slide down the cliffs. Turnip Head stops the fall and saves everyone, but is damaged. Sophie gives him a kiss, and he transforms (back) into the missing Prince Justin. The Prince thanks Sophie for breaking the curse as his true love, but Sophie then kisses Howl, her true love. By now, she has all but transformed back to her youthful self but in hair color, which is left gray. Prince Justin leaves to put an end to the war. Madame Suliman, who has been watching through Heen’s eyes, orders her subjects to cease fire. Later, Howl, Sophie, and the others are seen aboard a new flying castle powered by Calcifer of his free will. Howl and Sophie embrace and kiss.


when i was young, i was addicted to howl. I used to stare and stare at his poster that i had (i still have it) 




Character Japanese version English version
Grandma Sophie Chieko Baishō Jean Simmons
Howl Takuya Kimura Christian Bale
Witch of the Waste Akihiro Miwa Lauren Bacall
Calcifer Tatsuya Gashūin Billy Crystal
Young Sophie Chieko Baishō Emily Mortimer
Markl Ryūnosuke Kamiki Josh Hutcherson
Madame Suliman Haruko Katō Blythe Danner
Lettie Yayoi Kazuki Jena Malone
Honey Mayuno Yasokawa Mari Devon
Prince Justin/Turnip Yō Ōizumi Crispin Freeman
King Akio Ohtsuka Mark Silverman
Suliman’s servants Mitsunori Isaki
Makoto Yasumura
Heen (Dog) Daijirō Harada
Madge Rio Kanno Liliana Mumy
Kabuto Tomoe Hanba
Soldiers Ken Yasuda
Yō Ōizumi
Cake seller Hiroyuki Morisaki
Hashinoue man Shigeyuki Totsugi
Port City fish seller Seiji Sasaki
Castle gatekeeper Takuma Otomo
Additional voices Manabu Muraji
Keiko Tsukamoto
Hiroshi Takahashi
Rina Yamada
Yōhei Ōbayashi
Yukiko Mizuochi
Izumi Matsuoka
Carlos Alazraqui
Newell Alexander
Rosemary Alexander
Julia Barnett
Susan Blakeslee
Leslie Carrara
Mitch Carter
David Cowgill
Holly Dorff
Moosie Drier
Ike Eisenmann
Will Friedle
Bridget Hoffman
Richard Steven Horvitz
Sherry Hursey
Hope Levy
Christina MacGregor
Joel McCrary
Edie Mirman
Daran Norris
Peter Renaday
Kristina Rutherford
Warren Sroka

right now, i’m surprised. the voice of Markl is JOSH HUTCHERSON?! OMG i love that guy!


This is the poster i have. Though it’s a LOT bigger

Naruto Shippuuden 2: Bonds

Posted in Anime Movies on July 7, 2009 by Yukari

This was, i think, the best Naruto movie. it is the second Shippuuden movie and the 5th Naruto movie.

Director: Hajime Kamegaki

Written by: Junki Takegami

A mysterious group of ninja called the Sora from the Sky Country makes a surprise attack on Konoha. This is because Konoha nearly destroyed the Sky Country during the last Shinobi World War. However, they survived and now are after Konoha and the Fire Country for revenge.

The group starts attacking Konoha, causing mass mayhem, with flying ninjas on winged-mechanical devices bombarding the village. Naruto then appears to help with the battle, until meeting and helping an elder man with a fallen villager. He learns this man is a talented doctor and comes from a neighboring village. The doctor tells him to take the fallen villager to the hospital- then disappears.

At the hospital Hinata and Sakura are both trying to heal the wounded. They begin to talk about how many of the villagers’ wounds were previously taken care of before arriving. A boy crashes through the door, looking for his sensei, who is currently in Konoha, that was with him to heal the injured at this village. Naruto comments that he had met the boy’s teacher but before he and the boy could talk, he faints in Naruto’s arms. Later, Naruto and the old doctor sit beside the boy, named Amaru, and Naruto learns a little of the boy’s past.

A 3 man team consisting of Naruto, Sakura and Hinata are sent along to help the boy’s village and they accompany Amaru, and Shinno, his sensei, back to the village. The team travel through a forest full of eerie beasts and poisonous animals by small rowing boats down a river to avoid danger. A Sora-Nin suddenly appears, flying over, scoping the area and the group tries to tactfully hide by the riverside. Sakura, Shinno and Hinata glide their boat under overhead trees while Naruto flips his and Amaru’s boat- hiding underwater until the Sora-Nin goes. Naruto resurfaces with only Amaru’s overcoat in hand. Amaru had dropped his precious scalpel (a gift from his beloved sensei) and accidentally gets caught in the weeds underwater while retrieving it. Naruto dives down into the river then hauls Amaru’s body into the boat. While helping Amaru, Naruto notices that Amaru is in fact a “she” due to his feminine figure. Naruto blushes while at the same time, a poisonous piranha-like fish bites him, making him faint. Naruto wakes up a few moments later with Amaru removing the poison from him. Naruto questions Amaru alone and discovers that Amaru is indeed a girl.

Meanwhile at Konoha, the Sora-nin retreat with their dwindling chakra supply (which they need to remain flying). Tsunade sends another special team- Consisting of Kakashi, Shikamaru, Sai and Shino- to look for their base. With a skillful plan by Shikamaru, Sai approaches the ships (which is near the beach) on one of his ink birds to attract attention while Shikamaru and Kakashi hide near the shore waiting for the right time to infiltrate and attack.

At Orochimaru’s lair, Orochimaru is now ill because the body transfer jutsu he uses is close to expiration. Kabuto is attending to him and tells Sasuke that the Sora-nin are attacking Konoha to which Sasuke gives an “I don’t care” reply. Orochimaru orders Sasuke to get a man who is able to help him perfect his reincarnation jutsu.

Naruto’s team finally come into view of Amaru’s Village, only to see the tops of all the buildings on fire, smoke billowing overhead. Amaru, in a panic, runs ahead of the team into the closest village gate alone. She cries and runs up a flight of outdoor stairs, trying to find the villagers that had mysteriously all disappeared. She unknowingly triggers a trap that sends hundreds of kunai flying towards her. Saving her, her sensei Shinno steps in and tries to protect her- costing him his life. Naruto, Sakura and Hinata run to the scene but it was too late, Shinno dies because of his wounds. They quickly bury him near the village and the ninja leave Amaru to sulk while they search the near area for the missing villagers.

The three man team splits up. Sakura searches near a misty swamp and runs into Naruto. He points out some large empty ruins in the distance ad they go explore. Naruto and Sakura quietly walk amongst the ruins until they run into Amaru. But this is not Amaru as they know it- they find themselves in front of an evil monster that claims to be a Tailed Beast, the Zero Tails, who feeds on the darkness of human souls and somehow took over Amaru. Sakura proves to be no match for the beast and is knocked unconscious. The creature senses that Naruto has a huge dark energy/power inside of him so it taunts Naruto and tries to make him use that power, saying “He cannot save anyone without it” this makes Naruto remember about his failure in saving Sasuke and is emotionally unstable taking on the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox form, eventually the four tails state. After fighting for a while, he turns back to normal when the seal which Jiraiya gave to Naruto activates and removes Nine Tail’s chakra.

Naruto tells Amaru to ignore the darkness in her heart which finally resulted in the beast dissipating. Sakura wakes up in Naruto’s arms and punches him – awkwardly. They decided to separate with Naruto going on to look for the villagers with Amaru and Hinata and Sakura going back to get help. Naruto and Amaru run inside a near ruin temple and feel the floor begin to shake. The whole ruin temple, and surrounding ruins emerged from the ground- and began to fly just as the Sora-nin planes. The two find Shinno inside – safe and sound saying something about conquering the world with the power of darkness. Amaru, excited that her sensei is alive runs to hug him, Naruto notices something’s not right and Shinno laughs at Amaru for trusting him. Shinno tells that he’s been researching on the power of darkness for about 15 years, only using Amaru for her heart of darkness, and he’s finally collected enough power to destroy all the ninja villages. He then uses this power to transform into a much stronger version of himself. Naruto charges towards him only to be outmatched again and again, beating Naruto badly.

Fighting, Shinno tries to convince Naruto to use the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox’s chakra. A emotionally stunned Amaru cries while Shinno and Naruto yell and destroy each other. She begins to think back on her past. When she was small, she suffered from a strange illness. No one tried to help her, fearing that they would be infected. Only Shinno cared for her and managed to cure her. Naruto tells her not to throw her feelings away while the evil Shinno mocks her. He tells her to finally admit her love and feelings to Shinno, causing him to laugh and allowing Naruto to land a hit. Naruto then manages to gain the upper hand in the fight. He was about to finish him off with Rasengan when Sasuke appears and intervenes Naruto’s Rasengan with a blast of Chidori. Saskue then explains how Orochimaru needed the knowledge of the man to help with a reincarnation jutsu to Shinno and in return Shinno gives him a scroll. At first Shinno refuses to do anything and tries to defeat Sasuke with dark chakra until he collapses and all his power and muscle drain away suddenly. Sasuke reveals that he had attacked Shinno minutes earlier with Chidori Senbon at his vital chakra points to cut off his chakra flow. Shinno then flees the scene with Sasuke following after him. Naruto tells Amaru to go find the villagers while he goes after Sasuke. He chases after Sasuke through hallways and asks him what he was doing there and how long he had been. They stop in a large, blue-glowing room, in which is a gigantic cocoon that is absorbing dark chakra. Shinno fuses with the cocoon (that happens to be the fetal form of the Tailed Beast, zero-tails) and attacks Naruto and Sasuke with hundreds of tentacle arms and captures them. Shinno tries to absorb their chakra for his own power. With a plan, Sasuke turns to Curse Seal level 1 and releases evil chakra. Naruto catches on to Sasuke’s plan and releases a tremendous amount of his Nine-Tailed Demon Fox chakra. The Tailed Beast can not handle so much chakra at once, and the two break free. Naruto then makes a Nine Tail’s chakra-infused Rasengan (called the tornado Rasengan) and attacks. The cocoon creature puts up a shield which Naruto and him reach a stalemate. To aid, Sasuke ascends to Curse Seal Level 2 and cuts down the shield thus allowing Naruto to finish off the creature with Rasengan. After that he and Sasuke escape.

In the meantime, Konoha successfully destroys the Sora-nin’s boat base (that Sai was fighting) with Shino’s insects. Amaru finds Hinata and the villagers in a cell in the flying ruins and frees them all. They all board a flying lifeboat. Amaru scrambles to reach a launching lever, away from the boat but Naruto appears again and orders Amaru to get in the boat- he would take care of the launch. She refuses and Sasuke throws her in by force. As the lifeboat leaves a tentacle appears and tries to grab it but Sasuke cuts it down. Naruto smiles, and also forces Sasuke off the flying fortress with a Rasengan. Naruto says something to Sasuke, but he’s too far off in the distance to hear. Naruto remembers what Jiraiya once said to him, that he had the willpower to never give up, he creates hundreds of shadow clones that all start to destroy the ruins with a Rasengan called “Determination”. He collapses and falls from the sky after destroying the ruins. Amaru, from a distance, sees Naruto and grabs a pair of Sora-nin wings and goes towards him. Upon reaching him, she hugs him in midair, and they fall together. As they fall Amaru tells Naruto how she will never let him be alone. The next scene shows Gamabunta, summoned by Jiraiya, inflating his stomach to catch the falling Naruto and Amaru.

Later on, Naruto wakes up in Amaru’s arms. Sasuke goes back and gives Orochimaru the scroll, who then asks if something good had happened. Sasuke then goes off to train and thinks of what Naruto said, “I’ll definitely bring you back to Konoha, Sasuke!”



Naruto Shippuuden the movie

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This is the fourth Naruto movie and the first Naruto Shippuuden movie

Director: Hajime Kamegaki

Written by: Junki Takegami

Running time: 90 minutes

The opening scene of the movie shows a prediction of what should happen in the future of the movie. It shows Naruto battling a monster, only to be impaled by it’s tail, killing him and the Nine Tailed Fox inside of him. A funeral is held for Naruto in his home village, to which Sakura HarunoRock Lee and Neji Hyuga are shown to attend, along with others. The setting then returns to a few days previous, where a man named Yomi attacks a shrine to retrieve the spirit of Mōryō, a demon who attempted to take over the world and create his “Thousand Year Kingdom”. Since he is lacking a body, Yomi offers his as a temporary substitute until they can retrieve Mōryō’s original one.

The only threat to Mōryō’s plan is a priestess named Shion, who has the ability to seal his spirit away once more. He raises a stone army from their slumber to attack the rest of the world while his four subordinates go to eliminate Shion. They are given special chakra creatures to enhance their strength.

To deal with the threat, Konohagakure sends out many advance teams to stall the stone army. Naruto, Sakura, Lee and Neji are sent to guard Shion and deliver her to the shrine where Mōryō’s body is kept. They fend off Shion’s four would-be assassins, and, afterwards, Shion prophesies Naruto’s upcoming death. Shion’s total acceptance of “fate”, as well as her selfish attitude, provokes Naruto into antagonizing her. As they head for the shrine, they are again ambushed by the assassins and, ultimately, Shion is killed.

This turns out to be a ruse: the dead “Shion” is actually her servant acting as a decoy. After Neji orders Naruto to escort Shion to the temple alone, Shion explains that her predictions work by using others’ lives to protect her own. Naruto insists that he will not die, and likewise will keep Shion safe.

With teamwork, Sakura, Lee and Neji defeat the assassins, and at the mountain temple where Mōryō’s body is kept, Naruto and Shion find the stone army waiting. Naruto holds the army back while Shion heads inside to begin the sealing ritual. Yomi is already inside, and tricks Shion into beginning the technique with him inside the barrier, allowing Mōryō’s spirit to reunite with his body. With the stone army being destroyed by Kakashi, Shikamaru, Guy and Temari, Naruto comes to rescue her. About to see her prediction of his death(the opening scene) come true, Shion uses her power to change Naruto’s fate. She is able to tap into her true powers, intending to kill herself and Mōryō to save Naruto (with whom, she has developed feelings for). Naruto stops her seconds before her death, and creates a gigantic Rasengan by the combinring his nine tails chakra(Chō Chakra Rasengan [literally: Super Chakra Spiraling Sphere]) and her’s. Naruto drives the Rasengan into Mōryō and oblitirates it.

After the ending credits, Naruto asks Shion what she intends to do now. She replies that Mōryō was a demon created by the dark thoughts of men, and that there is bound to be another Mōryō someday. Because of this, she says that she must continue the line of priestesses that will suppress demons like Mōryō. Shion then asks Naruto if he will help her (a double entendre asking if he will father her child), much to the shock of Sakura, Kakashi, and Lee. Naruto, clueless as usual, agrees without realizing the second meaning of her question.

The movie was produced by AniplexBandai Co., Ltd., Dentsu Inc., Pierrot, Shueisha, and TV Tokyo. Viz announced that they already recorded the movie.


Naruto the movie 3: Guardians of the Crescent moon kingdom

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This is the third Naruto movie.

Director: Toshiyuki Tsuru

Producer: Studio Pierrot

Written by: Junki Takegami

Running time: 95 minutes


Naruto UzumakiKakashi HatakeSakura Haruno, and Rock Lee are assigned to protect the prince of the Land of the Moon, Michiru, during his world trip; other escorts had been hired, but quit due to being treated poorly. The Land of the Moon is a very wealthy nation, so Michiru tends to buy whatever he wants, and has a very materialistic worldview. His son, Hikaru, also acts in much the same manner, annoying Naruto.

During the trip, the caravan stops at a circus. When Hikaru takes a liking to a rare sabertoothed tiger, Chamu, featured there, Michiru ends up purchasing not only it, but the whole circus as well, placing it under the team’s protection.

Before heading to the docks, they stop at the house of Michiru’s ex-wife Amayo. At the docks, Hikaru attempts to befriend the tiger, but finds that it dislikes humans. He loses interest in the circus and during a sea voyage, when a storm hits, he appears unconcerned about the animals’ well-being, causing Naruto to become disgusted at his lack of value for them. Upset by Naruto’s view of him, Hikaru goes out to help Chamu get to safety, and Naruto saves both of them after they wash overboard. The next day, Naruto and Hikaru become friends.

After returning to the Land of the Moon, the team finds that the country has been taken over by Shabadaba, one of the nobles and a former friend of Michiru’s father Kakeru. Having hired three powerful ninjas to assist him, Shabadaba has disposed of Kakeru and plans to do the same with Michiru and Hikaru, the remaining heirs to the throne. He orders the military forces to kill them all, but the team is able to escape with the help of Korega, a soldier captain who leads the soldiers that are still loyal to the king.

Escaping to a hidden cave, Michiru finds that his father is still alive, but Sakura, although able to heal his petrified arm, is only able to keep him alive for a little while. Kakeru revealed that he had suspected that something like this would happen, and arranged for the journey to keep Michiru out of harm’s way. Before dying, Kakeru tells Michiru and Hikaru that people are truly important in life, not material goods. During an attempt to escape the country by boat, Ishidate, Kongou, and Karenbana (the three ninja hired by Shabadaba) alongside the soldiers on Shabadaba’s side attack. Ishidate, Kongou, and Karenbana disabling Naruto, Kakashi, Sakura, and Lee with sense-dulling poison that slows their reactions. The prince is captured by the soldiers, but the emergence of Naruto’s fox chakra allows him to repel the attacking ninja before Hikaru can be taken.

At the castle, Shabadaba’s reasons for taking over the country are revealed to be purely material, the same things Michiru considers important as he intends to use the nation’s wealth for himself rather than the people. Michiru is disgusted by Shadabada’s attitude, and realizes the truth of what his father had said. Shabadaba decides to put him to death, by a drawn-out hanging: he has Michiru balance on a board of wood not strong enough to support his weight while wearing a noose, ensuring that sooner or later he will fall and be hanged.

With the help of the circus Michiru purchased earlier, Kakashi’s team makes a rescue attempt with Hikaru and the rogue soldiers, infiltrating the palace by disguising as members of the circus. One by one, Kakashi and his team fight individual battles: Kakashi fights the many soldiers in the courtyard while each of the Genin fight one of the ninja. Lee wields a pair of nun-chuks that have the ability to connect to other staffs hidden in his leg weights, creating weapons such as a long staff and a chain whip. He defeats Kongou after some effort and by driving him down through the floor to the bottom level with a ferocious burst of punches from above. Sakura is able to dispatch Karenbana poison and genjutsu-using opponent by shattering a chandelier to locate her by watching where she moves and subsequently defeat her with one powerful punch.

Naruto fights against Ishidate while helping Hikaru reach his father. Hikaru shoots an arrow, severing the rope around Michiru’s neck, and Naruto’s shadow clones catch Michiru and Hikaru. Ishidate is enraged and attempts to kill Naruto, but Shadabada orders him to deal with Michiru. Ishidate then turns on Shadabada accidentally petrifying him when he grabs the collar of his robe. In the penultimate scene, Naruto, his leg disabled by his opponent’s strange petrification jutsu, rides on Michiru’s back to attack with his Crescent Moon Rasengan which reflects the light of the moon in such a manner that it grows and takes on a crescent shape. He hits Ishidate with this attack, sending him flying and destroying Shadabada’s stone remains.

After Ishidate’s defeat, Michiru takes the throne of the country and promises to rule as his father did. As Kakashi is immobilized due to overuse of the Sharingan, his team decides to take a vacation in the Moon Country while he recovers.

In the post credits scene when Kakashi’s group leaves, Michiru tells Hikaru that he will one day rekindle his relationship with Amayo.




Character Japanese voice English voice
Naruto Uzumaki Junko Takeuchi Maile Flanagan
Sakura Haruno Chie Nakamura Kate Higgins
Rock Lee Yōichi Masukawa Brian Donovan
Kakashi Hatake Kazuhiko Inoue Dave Wittenberg
Tsunade Masako Katsuki Debi Mae West
Hikaru Tsuki Kyōsuke Ikeda Kari Wahlgren
Michiru Tsuki Akio Ohtsuka Michael Sorich
Korega Kenji Hamada Kirk Thornton
Amayo Marika Hayashi Bridget Hoffman
Shabadaba Umeji Sasaki Terrence Stone
Ishidate Masashi Sugawara Christopher Corey Smith
Kongo Hisao Egawa Keith Silverstein
Karenbana Haruhi Terada Cindy Robinson
Kakeru Tsuki Rokuro Naya Michael Forest
Ringleader Tomomichi Nishimura Wally Wingert
King’s Guardsman   Jamieson Price


Additional Voices by Steven BlumWilliam GermainDave MallowMary Elizabeth McGlynnSam RiegelRoger RoseKeith SilversteinRoger Craig Smith, and Kirk Thornton


Naruto the Movie 2: Legend of the Stone of Gelel

Posted in Anime Movies on July 7, 2009 by Yukari

This is the second Naruto movie.

Director: Hirotsugu Kawasaki

Producer: Studio Pierrot

Written by: Junki Takegami

Running time: 96 minutes

The movie opens with a battle taking place at night on a desolate seaside beach between Sand Ninja and mysterious warriors wearing bulky suits of armor. Despite their best efforts, the Sand Ninja are slowly overwhelmed by the sheer strength of their mysterious opponents. The timely arrival of reinforcements led by Kankuro and Gaara turns the tide, with Kankuro slicing apart a suit of armor with his puppet, and Gaaradispatching a large number of enemies en mass with his signature Desert Imperial Funeral. However when Gaara orders the Sand Ninja to shine a flare at the retreating enemies, a large warship appears. The ship then opens fire with its guns, and Gaara’s sand armor barely manages to protect his comrades.

The movie stars Naruto UzumakiShikamaru Nara, and Sakura Haruno as they deliver a lost pet ferret to its village. However, a mysterious knight called Temujin intercepts them and they fight, causing both Temujin and Naruto to be knocked off a cliff by the massive power caused by Naruto’s Rasengan and Temujin’s Rising Thunder. As Shikamaru and Sakura realize what has happened to Naruto, a giant ship appears.

Naruto wakes up to find himself bandaged and traveling in a caravan led by Kahiko and Emina. He also finds Temujin asleep beside him. When Temujin awakens, Nerugui (the lost pet ferret which was owned by Kahiko) seems to be attracted to him. The caravan is part of a moving country.

Meanwhile, Sakura and Shikamaru split up to search for Naruto. Shikamaru spies on the fortress and finds a lab with children in capsules. Two women with similar armor to what Temujin was wearing are talking about the Gelel Stone.

The movie revolves mostly around a special mineral called the Gelel Stone, which has a strong and mysterious power. There was once a clan that could control the stone’s powers (the traveling caravan and Temujin are part of this clan), but they were destroyed because of fights for the stone.

Temujin is working for his Lord, Master Haido, who has his group searching for the Stones of Gelel, so that he can create a ‘utopia’, a world free from war and strife. But he also tells his group that sacrifices are for the greater good.

When Naruto meets Haido, he at first believes him. Naruto accompanies Temujin, Ranke, and Fugai to the area where the fight between the Sand Ninjas and Haido’s forces took place. During the fight, Kamina duels with Kankuro while Ranke fights Gaara. When Ranke is killed by Gaara, Kamina escapes. The caravan that Naruto was saved by has been attacked as Fugai threatens Kahiko for the location of the Stones of Gelel. Shikamaru and Sakura end up repelling her.

Temujin learns that Kahiko knows where the Stones of Gelel are. When he tries to capture Kahiko, he is subdued by Shikamaru’s Shadow Possession Jutsu as Naruto catches up. Shikamaru interrogates Temujin about Haido’s plot. After Shikamaru manages to get some answers, Temujin uses a smokescreen and kidnaps Kahiko and one of the children from the caravan. Temujin forces Kahiko to lead him to a cave where the stones are sealed away. Naruto follows him to try and stop him with Nerugui leading the way. Temujin sends the kid he abducted on his way as he has Kahiko lead him into the gave. But Haido, Fugai, and Kamina also follow him to the cave. This leads to a confrontation between Haido and Naruto’s group as Naruto finally realizes Haido’s evil intentions. He is disgusted that Haido and his followers are willing to sacrifice their friends and other innocents for their cause. He angrily yells that dreams that sacrifice friends are nothing but garbage, surprising Temujin. Kahiko triggers a mechanism that takes himself and Temujin to the chamber below, where the entrance to the mines of Gelel are, with the intent to destroy them. Haido angrily follows with several armed soldiers after smacking Naruto aside. Kamina challenges Shikamaru, and Sakura challenges Fugai before the latter can follow Haido with the ship. Naruto follows after Kahiko, Temujin, and Haido.

Once there, Haido reveals that he has a piece of Gelel Stone which he uses to attack Kahiko. Eventually Temujin, surprised by Haido’s cruel words and behavior, defends Kahiko, which angers Haido. Eventually Naruto shows up and saves Kahiko. Temujin is finally so appalled by Haido’s willingness to kill Naruto and Kahiko and call it a “noble sacrifice” that he refuses to kill them when Haido orders him to. He realizes that the shadowy figure he had seen in the ruins of his house after his parents’ death was Haido. Haido then admits that he was the one that killed Temujin’s family and then used their son like a pawn for all those years. He then attacks Temujin and destroys his piece of Gelel Stone, tossing him aside and leaving him lying on the ground, weak and horrified by what he has done. At this point Naruto intervenes and attempts to defeat Haido.

While Naruto and Haido are fighting, Shikamaru fights Kamina and gets help in vanquishing her from Kankuro. Sakura duels with Fugai and ends up crushing her under large chimes. Sakura, Shikamaru, Kankuro, and Gaara then unload the unconcious children from the ship.

Naruto manages to hit Haido with a Rasengan but it has no effect. He then urges Temujin to help him fight, and Temujin agrees, Naruto’s earlier words about friendship having inspired him. With Temujin’s help Naruto creates two Rasengans (one from the Nine Tailed Fox’s chakra and another from Gelel). This defeats Haido, but also breaks open the mines of Gelel. As the evil chakra is unleashed, Kahiko reveals that the seal on the floor will banish the magic, but the person acitivating the seal will be sacrficed. Temujin decides to do it to attone for his mistakes, and knocks out Naruto when the latter protests to this. Temujin then activates the seal and the Gelel power, along with Temujin, begins to enter a black hole. While unconscious, Naruto has a dream about himself and Sasuke silently walking past each other, and wakes up with his Nine-Tails whiskers and red eyes. While Temujin prepares to die, Naruto uses a chain of Shadow Clones to pull them to safety, refusing to let Temujin die. A little bit of Gelel chakra makes land over the black hole that gives birth to new life. Temujin awakens on some of this land next to a still-unconscious Naruto.

Later, Temujin leaves with the other children stating that he will end all war. Kahiko is sad that Nerugui is going with Temujin. The credits show Naruto and Temujin seeing each other one last time as Temujin’s ship leaves and make fists of victory.



Character Japanese voice English voice
Naruto Uzumaki Junko Takeuchi Maile Flanagan
Sakura Haruno Chie Nakamura Kate Higgins
Shikamaru Nara Shotaro Morikubo Tom Gibis
Gaara Akira Ishida Liam O’Brien
Kankuro Yasuyuki Kase Michael Lindsay
Temujin Gamon Kaai Roger Craig Smith
Kamina Sachiko Kojima Jennifer Hale
Ranke Houko Kuwashima Megan Hollingshead
Kahiko Nachi Nozawa Kyle Hebert
Fugai Urara Takano Kari Wahlgren
Haido Akio Nojima Douglas Rye
Emina Tomoka Kurokawa Michelle Ruff
Temujin’s Childhood Friend Takako Honda Mona Marshall


Naruto the movie 1 : Ninja clash in the land of snow

Posted in Anime Movies on July 7, 2009 by Yukari

This is the first movie of Naruto. 

Director: Tensai Okamura

Producer: Studio Pierrot

Written by: Junki Takegami

Running time: 94 minutes

The movie begins with a heroine previously unknown in the Naruto continuity: Princess Fuun (Princess Gale in the US version). Gale’s nemesis, Mao, challenges her group with an army of undead soldiers. His dark intentions seem to prevail, that is, until Princess Gale and her cohorts, Shishimaru, Brit, and Tsukuyaku, unleash the power of the Seven-Colour-Chakra upon him. They save the day, and Naruto, watching from afar, couldn’t be more elated.

As it turns out, Naruto is actually watching the scene in a movie, as is the rest of Team 7. But then, the audience of the movie starts to throw objects at the team for making so much noise while arguing with the cinema manager. Kakashi had sent them to watch it as preparation for their next mission: guarding Yukie Fujikaze, the actress who plays Princess Gale, while she makes the next movie in the Land of Snow. As it turns out, Yukie is actually the princess of the Land of Snow, which was taken over by rogue ninja when she was a child. The leader of the rogue ninja, Doto Kazahana, wants Yukie’s crystal necklace to unlock the Land of Snow’s treasure, which Yukie’s father had hidden before being assassinated. After various battles between Team 7 and the rogue ninja, resulting in the defeat of all and the death of Nadare their leader, Doto succeeds in obtaining Yukie’s necklace, only to discover that the “treasure” of the Land of Snow is a generator designed to melt the snow and bring Spring to the country. Doto is then defeated by Naruto in a manner reminicient of Princess Gale’s defeat of Mao, involving “rainbow chakra”.

With the rogue ninja all gone, Yukie has decided to resume her position as the princess of the Land of Snow, which will eventually become the Land of Spring after the technology behind the generator is perfected. Despite being a princess, Yukie intends to continue acting, and the next film she’s starring in is an adaptation of one of Jiraiya’s Icha Icha novels,(Makeout Paradise: The Movie) much to Kakashi’s delight, who says “That script! She’s perfect!” (This was actually seen on episode 101, Kakashi staring amazed at a billboard advertisement of the movie). This also appeared in Naruto Path of the Ninja for DS as it shows an advertisement on Naruto Ninja Clash In the Land of Snow and a Make Out Paradise Movie. Apparently, the autograph-wanting Naruto received an envelope from Sasuke afterwards, who got shocked looks from the other members of Team 7, including Naruto himself. Inside was a signed picture from Yukie. The picture was of a bandaged up (and apparently unconscious) Naruto in the hospital, receiving a kiss on the cheek from the actress. After the credits, the crew that make the Princess Gale movie say cut and all cheer. At box office the movie was a huge hit, making $42,134,123 US.


Role Japanese actor American actor
Naruto Uzumaki Junko Takeuchi Maile Flanagan Ursula Bezerra
Sasuke Uchiha Noriaki Sugiyama Yuri Lowenthal Robson Kumode
Sakura Haruno Chie Nakamura Kate Higgins Tatiane Keplmair
Kakashi Hatake Kazuhiko Inoue Dave Wittenberg Élcio Sodre
Soutetsu Kazahana Hidehiko Ishizuka Cam Clarke  
Koyuki Kazahana/Yukie Fujikaze/Princess Fuun (Gale) Yuko Kaida Kari Wahlgren
Nadare Rouga Hirotaka Suzuoki Liam O’Brien Rodrigo Araújo
Sandayu Asama Ikuo Nishikawa Daran Norris
Fubuki Kakuyoku Jun Karasawa Cindy Robinson
Mizore Fuyukuma Holly Kaneko Kyle Hebert
Doto Kazahana Tsutomu Isobe Lex Lang Mauro Castro
Director Makino Chikao Ōtsuka Michael McConnohie Carlos Campanile
Assistant Director Akimitsu Takase Sam Riegel Igor Lott
Omiji/Tsukekuro   Crispin Freeman
Kin/Buriken Yutaka Nakano Doug Stone
Hidero Kan Tanaka Jamieson Price