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My NEW HEADER!!!!!!!

Posted in Myself on December 24, 2008 by Yukari

YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!! i have a brilliant header PLUS its my most ever favorite character IKUTO!!!!!!! and the glare just makes me go crazy!!!!!! YAYAY!!!!!!!!! i really can’t wait for the next Shugo Chara episode cuz….. well ITS THE BED SCENE!!!!!

Seriously Amu and Ikuto make a great pair and i REALLY REALLY hope they end up together. LOL I am a fan of cats and am really ready to join the ‘Year of the Cat Fan Club’ from Fruits Basket if anyone made one So i love all ppls with CAT in them so Ikuto, Kyo and Ikuto’s chara Yoru are like make me go all KIRAKIRA. I have a thing for all animals actually.

Well we really changed the subject as i began with my Header and ended up with my fvorite charcters, but im just so happy!!! HOORAY for the next Shugo Chara ep. and Thanks a bunch Satelight!